2014 in review 2

When I look back at the year that has been, I can say with satisfaction that 2014 was a successful one in terms of travel. Life’s journey often takes us to places we don’t expect. And sometimes, those unexpected destinations exceed the experiences of journeys we’ve planned. It was a year of new experiences and lifetime journeys. It took me to seven countries spanning three continents, including exploring my neighbourhood in South Africa.

There are too many tales to tell, but I’ve gathered 30 photos from my travels this year. Why 30? 2014 also marked the year I turned 30, and one of my milestones was to have travelled to 30 countries before my birthday. At the start of the year I was on 29 countries. Rather fittingly, my 30th country was one where I spent a large part of the year. Australia was one of those unexpected journeys, but I’ll need another blog post to talk about that. For now, here’s my 30 travel photos of 2014:

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