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Venice scene from the busy Rialto Bridge 1
Venice, a city many dream of visiting. Some return disappointed; others captivated. I fell into the latter group, in spite of being there during the height of the July summer vacation. We arrived at Marco Polo International Airport, on the Italian mainland on a steamy Saturday afternoon. The snaking queue […]

Venice in a few days

Hoi An
Vietnam has become more tourist focused in recent times. Already widely known for the war atrocities that scarred it, these days Vietnam is also being recognised for other (positive) things. It has a rich history, portrayed in many monuments and buildings throughout the cities and countryside. There’s many scenic locations […]

Vietnam through my lens

A dhow boat trip to admire the Doha skyline
Recently, I travelled with Qatar Airways to Vietnam, and took advantage of having a stopover in Doha. The small, but upcoming city has a few noteworthy sights to enable you to have a mini vacation en-route to your main holiday destination. Here’s my recommendations for spending a day in Doha. […]

A day in Doha

Villa Delilse
On a recent trip to Reunion Island, I spent some time in the harbour town of Saint Pierre. It’s a small, tourist-friendly town with a sheltered lagoon. Our choice of accommodation was Hotel Villa Delisle, perfectly positioned across from the beachfront. The beach at Saint Pierre fringes a coral lagoon […]

Review: Villa Delisle

Cayenne Picnic Site
If, after reading about my week-long trip to Reunion Island here, you’re inspired to plan your vacation, here is some useful information to get you started. Getting there Air Austral has direct flights from Joburg to Reunion, thrice weekly. It’s a four hour flight departing Joburg in the afternoon, arriving […]

Reunion Island – Planning a trip