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The lagoon at Lux* Resort Saint Gilles
Reunion is an island, and like its diverse interior (read about it here), the coastline has much to offer. The northern coastline of the island tends to be “wild”, and is not noted for swimming. There was a period when shark attacks received much publicity, leading to the closure of […]

Reunion Island – Part 2

Bassin de la Mer, another beautiful waterfall on Reunion Island 3
Reunion Island, that tiny piece of France in the Indian Ocean, is diverse in many ways. For a small island, it features a variety of scenic landscapes, mostly formed by aeons of volcanic activity. We hired a car and spent a week circumnavigating the island to see what Reunion had […]

Reunion Island – Part 1

Surin Beach, Phuket
Phuket, Thailand’s premier beach destination is mostly known for its throngs of holiday makers. From the busy tourist hot spots to isolated stretches, there’s plenty of beaches to flock to. Off the mainland peninsula, there’s even more beaches on the island’s that dot the Andaman Sea.   You might also […]

Phuket beach holiday

Bangkok's Grand Palace complex
Bangkok was the starting point to our Thailand vacation in June this year. As a bustling city, there are many things to see and do. Here’s my take on how to spend a day in Thailand’s capital. Morning: Start the day with a hearty breakfast. We stayed at Anantara Sathorn […]

24 hours in Bangkok

Hong Kong
Hong Kong Island's night skyline
Hong Kong is a fusion city of note. It is rich in its ancient Chinese heritage, yet deeply impressed by its British rule. It’s where I spent a few days last month, and became overwhelmed by its buildings and people. Towering skyscrapers reach for the skies, creating a glassy skyline […]

Hong Kong weekend