South Africa

Mt Sheba Lookout 1
Rolling hills covered were covered in winter’s golden grass, and gave way to a sky ablaze with hues of red and purple. The high vantage and open vistas made for a spectacular twilight, intensifying the break from city life. Last Friday afternoon, we left the rush of Joburg behind and […]

Mount Sheba Weekend

KwaZulu Natal
The emblem of Ithala - giraffe 5
Ithala, which translates to “a shelf in a high place” or “a place where you store precious things”, is a concise and apt description for this reserve. Set amid rugged mountain in the northern part of Kwa Zulu Natal, it is a haven for wildlife. And Ithala’s remoteness was the […]

A weekend at Ithala Game Reserve

Western Cape
Sunset from a pebble beach at Agulhas National Park
If you’ve ever stood at the southernmost point on the African continent, and after taking the customary photo at the marker pointing the two oceans, you may have thought to yourself, “Is that all?” There are no dramatic cliffs at Cape Agulhas, unlike at Cape Point. But then there also […]

Cape Agulhas – More than just a lighthouse

Western Cape
Sunrise at Vrede in Anysberg Nature Reserve 3
Anysberg Nature Reserve, one of Cape Nature’s little explored gems, was my latest weekend getaway. Far from the rest of civilisation, I relaxed and rejuvenated. The Karoo can be harsh, but holds a special beauty for those who look closely. I captured just a day’s events at this special reserve. […]

A day in the Klein Karoo’s Anysberg

Outdoor shower with a bush view at Rhino Post Lodge
There’s something soothing about outdoor showers. The freshness of the open air. The simplicity. The connectedness to nature. I’m not talking about bucket showers on rustic camping trips, but conventional showers that are outdoors. But what makes it special? To start, it must have warm (I prefer hot!) water to last long […]

Showering with a view

A view of the Waterberg range at Entabeni game reserve 3
Fluffy white florets adorned blades of tall grass and swayed with the gentle breeze. The morning’s first rays of light coloured the field from straw to gold. On a road clearing, a lion lazily woke up, the sunlight accentuating his green eyes and fine blonde mane. A jackal squealed in the […]

Weekend in the Waterberg


Houses on a Malahide main street 1
Dublin, Ireland’s capital and largest city, is surprisingly close to sleepy seaside towns and tranquil country villages. With its network of light rail and suburban trains making getting around easy, I was able to do some exploring on a recent trip to Dublin. Here’s just a few possible day-trips from […]

Day-trips from Dublin

Trinity College, Dublin 1
Dublin didn’t quite feature on my bucket list. So when I happened to visit there at the end of April, it was with little expectations. It charmed, but it also chilled. Tulips bloomed all over the city to herald spring, yet an icy air set the mood. The Irish capital […]

Dublin Weekend

Kerala Backwaters
Vembanad Lake – a flat, glassy mirror, extending as far as the eye could see and merging seamlessly into the blue sky. That was the scene on the lake shore in Kerala before breakfast. The serene lake was unlike the choppy waters that we experienced the afternoon before. It begged […]

The waterways of Kerala

A cardamom plantation in Kerala
I have an obsession with cardamom. The sweet aromatic flavours that burst from those little pods are heavenly. It’s no wonder then that it’s known as the Queen of Spices. So when I visited Kerala recently, I looked forward to seeing just how this wonder spice is grown, along with […]

Spice journey in Kerala

Periyar Lake 1
What surprised me most was the chorus of bird song that filled the valley. In a country with a population explosion like India has, you’d think that nature will be overshadowed. Yet, as we waited for the sun to rise on the fringes of Periyar forest, the forest was alive. […]

Kerala explored: Periyar

Tea plantations fringe this lake in Munnar 2
Streaks of light reached the bottom of the lush valley. The sun hid behind a veil of clouds, only to make fleeting appearances as it sunk closer to the horizon. We were in Munnar, far from the bustling India that we’d been passing through in the days before (read about […]

Kerala explored: Munnar