Review: Villa Delisle

On a recent trip to Reunion Island, I spent some time in the harbour town of Saint Pierre. It’s a small, tourist-friendly town with a sheltered lagoon. Our choice of accommodation was Hotel Villa Delisle, perfectly positioned across from the beachfront.

The beach at Saint Pierre fringes a coral lagoon and offers calm waters to snorkel and explore. The lagoon is safe from sharks, but there’s still enough other marine life. Beyond the lagoon, waves break along a coral ridge, reminding you that are at the ocean. Hard corals have formed in the lagoon and bits of broken coral often wash ashore. (Don’t expect a soft sandy beach here). But what it lacks in soft sand, it makes up for in the lagoon life.

A short promenade extends from Saint Pierre’s small harbour all along the beach. When the clouds play their part, sunset on the Indian Ocean horizon can be spectacular.

Sunset at St Pierre

Sunset at St Pierre

Across from the beach there are a handful of restaurants. A stroll through town leads you to pedestrian malls reminiscent of Europe, lined with shops and cafes.

Hotel Villa Delisle probably has the best location in Saint Pierre – across from the beach and within walking distance to many restaurants. It’s a small boutique hotel (4 stars), so you can expect personal attention. The rooms are cool, colourful and a welcome respite after a day of exploring on the island. Breakfasts were sumptuous and served alongside the inviting pool. There were other facilities which we did not try out (a spa to relax some more, two restaurants for dinner and conference rooms).

Villa Delisle at St Pierre

Villa Delisle at St Pierre

Villa Delilse

Villa Delilse patio

Villa Delilse

Welcome drink at Villa Delilse

We spent a short time at Villa Delisle, having stayed elsewhere to explore further parts of the island. However, you could easily spend a few days here, to relax, make use of the hotel’s facilities, or to occasionally do some longer day excursions. It’s more cost effective if you have a rental car if you plan to do much exploring out of Saint Pierre. Alternatively, transfers can be arranged. The hotel offers free off-street parking, which can be hard to find in Saint Pierre. Overall, I can highly recommend Villa Delilse, for its location, comfort and service.

(This review is independent and the trip was paid for by the blogger.)

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