Tankwa National Park

What to expect: Starry nights, wide vistas; a perfect escape from it all.
Closest towns: Sutherland (120 km), Ceres (180 km)

Western Cape
Flower carpet at West Coast National Park
It’s time for the Cape to show off her colourful wardrobe again. Wild flowers in bloom will transform the landscape into a tapestry of colour, attracting pollinators and humans alike. Namaqua and West Coast’s floral displays are the most well-known and visited. But there are pockets, or rather troves of […]

In search of flowers

Sunset kaleidoscope in the Mokala veld 4
As you will come to see from my blogging, I am attracted to nature. It gives me my energy and it is where I spend my energy. In our midst we are fortunate to have large tracts of land under conservation. Sanparks, for instance, manages some 19 national parks across the country, alongside many other parks and reserves managed by provincial and local authorities.

Sanparks National Parks to escape to