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This year I travelled on my 300th flight (as a passenger). I know the exact number because I have been keeping tally. As I have been doing with hotels I’ve stayed at and marking off places I’ve visited. Crazy? Maybe. I’d rather ascribe it to being a travel fanatic.

2014 marked the year I said farewell to the 20’s. No milestone is reached without being challenged. And so a while back I decided to enter the 30’s with some goals:

  • Visit another country to bring the (unique) country tally up to 30, which I achieved (rather unexpectedly) before my 30th birthday (more of that later)
  • Clock up some air miles and reach my 300th flight, which I reached shortly after turning 30
  • And starting a blog!

So the blog has been created (after months of procrastinating). And with a bit of planning (and spur of the moment trips!), I hope to take you with me on some of those journeys.

In the past year I’ve worked in Sydney and Cape Town and attended business meetings in Germany. I travelled like a local elsewhere in Australia and South Africa, holidayed in New Zealand, and went on safari in East Africa… And kept my office job on weekdays.

There’s a saying that “The World is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page”. I have read a few pages of that book already, and there’s space for many more pages within it.


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4 thoughts on “The (blog) journey begins

  • Faheema Hoosen

    Wow! Absolutely AWEsome!
    300!…300!…..yoh! Thats really something hey. You have gots lot tales to tell. And i would like to hear all about them. For me you can start from your experience of boarding a plane….. i have never been

    • travelblogger Post author

      10 years ago, I had only been on a plane twice (between Joburg & Durban), and went across the border once (for a wedding in Zim). I had always dreamed of travelling far, but did not expect to be blessed with this. You never know what journey awaits.
      (And thanks for a future blog idea!)