Vietnam through my lens

Vietnam has become more tourist focused in recent times. Already widely known for the war atrocities that scarred it, these days Vietnam is also being recognised for other (positive) things. It has a rich history, portrayed in many monuments and buildings throughout the cities and countryside. There’s many scenic locations and the Vietnamese people are among the friendliest I’ve encountered. I visited in April 2017, and here’s a collection of photographs from my trip.

The colours

Vietnam shows off its colourful side in the old town of Hoi An in central Vietnam. The streets of the central town are closed off to traffic and becomes a buzz each evening with tourists admiring the lanterns.

Hoi An

The picturesque town of Hoi An is especially beautiful in the late afternoon.


Hoi An lanterns

Colourful lanterns adorn shopfronts in Hoi An

Hoi An lanterns

Hoi An’s Bright lanterns come in many colours and shapes

Hoi An

One of the many old buildings in Hoi An’s ancient town

Hoi An

More lanterns in Hoi An


The people

Their smiles are radiant and their hospitality warm – it’s typical of South East Asian culture, but was especially noticeable in Vietnam. The Vietnamese are a hard working people and manual labour is still very prevalent.


The radiant smile of Vietnamese fisherman


A fishing couple in Hoi An


Even monks need to snap a pic to remember their trip

Fruit seller

Fruit seller on the streets in Vietnam

Rickshaw driver in Hoi An


The buildings

Having been conquered by Chinese Imperial dynasties in ancient times, ruled by French colonialists in early modern times and revolutionised by communists in more recent times, Vietnam has a wealth of architectural influences.

Pagoda at Hue

Pagoda at Hue’s Imperial City

Mosaic at Hue Imperial City

Mosaic at Hue Imperial City

Hue Citadel

Hue Citadel

Hue memorial

A monolithic memorial stone in Hue

Hue statues

Statues standing tall in Hue

Temple of Literature

A grand entrance to the Temple of Literature in Hanoi

Ho Chi Minh Memorial

Endless queue of locals visiting the mausoleum with Ho Chi Minh’s remains

Saigon Post Office

The iconic post office in Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City)

Saigon Post Office

Saigon City Hall

The colonial City Hall in Saigon contrasts with the gleaming skyscrapers surrounding it

French colonial residence

French colonial residence in Hanoi


The scenery

Beaches, rice paddies, muddy rivers, thick jungles and much more – Vietnam has variety in its scenery as well.

Rice paddy

Rice paddy in Hoi An, central Vietnam

Beach in central Vietnam

Beach in central Vietnam

Han Pass

The winding Han Pass between Da Nang and Hue

Halong Bay

Fishing boat on Halong Bay

Halong Bay

Lime karst formations “float” on the clear waters of Halong Bay


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